Empower Through Entrepreneurship Training Academy and Membership Group

Go from Idea to Impact and Beyond

You have the awesome dream of teaching kids about the power of entrepreneurship!

You know that entrepreneurship can keep our economies thriving in the future.

But putting it into action can be confusing and overwhelming.

Join the group and go from the IDEA of Empowering through Entrepreneurship to making the IMPACT you Dream of and receive special member benefits!

$99 for 6 months (only $16.50 per month) FOR A LIMITED TIME


What you'll get

The Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship Membership Group contains everything you could ever need to go from the Idea stage to the Impact stage of creating and teaching youth entrepreneurship!

STAGE 1: I have an awesome idea to change the world!

In this stage, you will go from having an awesome idea to creating goals, building a structure and identifying your ideal student/customer.

STAGE 2: Creating the content to empower youth to succeed!

In Stage 2, you will come up with a course map that outlines the content, learning objectives and activities you will use to make your impact.

STAGE 3: Marketing for Success!

You have your program goals, brand, and content map. Now you need to market your program so you can start making the impact you desire.

STAGE 4: Running your program & making an impact!

Congratulations - you've made it to the fun part! This stage will give you the information you need to implement and start your road to impact!

STAGE 5: Growing your Impact and Beyond!

You've implemented your program and now you want to increase your impact with more content and expanding your reach.

LIVE Q&A and Coaching

In addition to our video training library, teaching tools, & access to the online business boot camp for kids, live Q&A and Coaching will happen each month.

Ready to make the Impact you've dreamed of?


You can make an impact too!

See what the parents of kids who attended our youth entrepreneurship programs have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The E-seedling entrepreneur program is very informative and appropriate for youth. Our son enjoyed the hand-on activities and interacting with diverse children. It was a great investment in our son."

Rodney W
Son attended Live Virtual Summer Camp

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Absolutely loved this.. My girls are still talking about their experiences and are even looking forward to attending next summer.. Totally would recommend this to all youth."

Monika W
Daughters attended live in-person summer camp

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"A definite go-to camp for my son. I am in business & have been teaching him what I can. However, he came back and told me he couldn't put it together until he attended Julie's camp. I was grateful to have this business camp for kids!"

Son attended both in-person camp and Live Virtual camp

For All Skill Levels

Whether you are just starting out with an idea, have been teaching youth entrepreneurship for a while, or are a seasoned entrepreneur that wants to share their business knowledge to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs, the Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship Membership Group has something for everyone. With new lessons being added each month, you not only go from Idea to Impact but to growing your impact and beyond!

What's Included in the 6 Months Access:

-Video Training Library for each Stage (you can start at the stage that you feel is right for you) ($500 value).
-Access to the online Business Boot Camp for kids ($120 value).
-Handouts and checklists to help you go from Idea to Impact ($100 value).
-Monthly Zoom meetings for Live Q&A and Coaching ($450 value)
-A new lesson plan for entrepreneurship and business will be added each month so you can go Beyond! ($120 value)
-Members Only Discount of 20% off Eseedling products

Total 6 Months Value = $1,290 - Your Founding Member Price is $99 for a limited time (and your price will never go up as long as you stay an active member)!

A Word From Your Instructor and Coach

“I have been teaching young entrepreneurs since 2008 and have witnessed how it can empower our youth to make a difference and solve the problems we are facing today! With that said, I am on a mission to impact 100,000 youth by empowering through entrepreneurship by 2025 and I can only do that with your help. That is why I want you to succeed in making the impact you desire so that we can do it together."


Why wait? Founding Members get the best price!

This is lowest price our group will ever be at. Founding Members are limited and can only sign up for a limited time in 2020. You will have the biggest impact on the content and coaching you want to see in the group and your price will never increase. It will always be $99 for 6 months (that is only $16.50 per month). There will never be a better time to join than right now!!

$99 for 6 months of access! (P.S. The new lessons alone are worth the investment!)