E-Seedling Youth Entrepreneur Curriculum

combined with our NEW Teacher Training Options help you make the IMPACT you Desire FAST and EFFECTIVELY!

New Teaching Training Options to implement the E-seedling curriculum or create your own.

Two Options to Choose From

1) The Teaching Entrepreneurship Training Academy

2) The Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship Training and Membership Group

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Included in both training options:

  • Video Training Modules
  • Worksheets
  • Access to the Online Business Bootcamp for kids
  • 6 months access to all content

Teaching Youth Entrepreneurship Training Academy

  • Video Training Modules and Worksheets to help you implement the E-seedling curriculum
  • Step 1 - Customizing your Schedule to fit your needs
  • Step 2 - Planning & Prep for your class or program
  • Step 3 - Marketing for Success
  • Step 4 - Teaching Your Class or Program
  • Access to the online Business Bootcamp for kids (to use as a training tool or in your class)
  • Video Training Lessons ($200 value)
  • Worksheets ($100 value)
  • Access to online Business Boot camp ($120 value)
  • Total Value of Academy $420

 only $67
for 6 months access 

Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship Training Modules and Membership Group

  • Video Training Modules, Checklists and Worksheets to to take you through the 5 stages of Idea to Impact to create your own program or implement the E-seedling curriculum ($600 value)
  • Stage 1: The Desire to Empower Youth through Entrepreneurship 
  • Stage 2:  Creating Content that Works
  • Stage 3: Marketing for Success
  • Stage 4: Running your Program & Making an Impact
  • Stage 5: Growing your Impact and Beyond
  • Access to the online Business Bootcamp for Kids to use as a training tool or in your class ($120 value)
  • Online Community for Feedback and Q&A
  • Monthly Live Zoom Q&A Calls ($450 value)
  • New Lesson Plans on Business and Leadership with video training, PowerPoints, teaching notes and worksheets posted each month ($120 value)
  • Members Only Discount of 20% off E-seedling curriculum and products (value based on your needs)
  • Total value for 6 months access: $1,290

 only $99
Special founding member price

Want to know about the E-seedling Curriculum?

Core Modules to Mix & Match- allows Flexibility for your needs

What is an Entrepreneur, Choosing a Business Idea, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Financials, Customer Service, Business Ethics & Professionalism, Business Model Canvas, Presentation Skills and Team Lemonade Stand. All come with PowerPoints, Teaching Notes & Student Worksheets CLICK TO ORDER THE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS

Biz Ops Game The Fun Way to Teach Business

The Biz Ops Game

The Biz Ops Game board game teaches basic business operations by teams running paper airplane businesses. The virtual version includes paper helicopters and students being solopreneurs running their own companies (virtual version materials included in both training options above). CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

"When I was a kid growing up, if there was anything even close to the Biz Ops Game, I would have so much better prepared for my young entrepreneurial endeavors running a paper route, mowing lawns and shoveling snow. I would have known how to calculate my income and take into account my direct and indirect costs and just as importantly been exposed to these concepts at a much earlier age so that they wouldn't have been such foreign concepts in college."

Spencer X Smith Parent & Owner of Spencer X Smith Consulting

"I have taught over a 1,000 kids about entrepreneurship and starting their own business. I learn so much from the kids and witness their increase in confidence and self-esteem. Each kid has special strengths and talents and creating a business around them helps them create a fulfilling and rewarding life. I can't wait to spend to help your child utilize their unique interests to create a business that will teach them skills they can use for life!"

Julie Ann Wood, Director and Chief Cultivator, Eseedling

"Julie Wood is fueling a new generation of entrepreneurs. I experienced first-hand how a group of middle-schoolers came out the other side----grounded in business basics, more confident in presenting their concepts, and clear on how to turn their specific idea into an actual business. So worthwhile for today's distracted and over-screened kids."

Megan Boswell Parent & Entrepreneur

Don't miss this opportunity to change a child's life by empowering them through entrepreneurship!

Questions? Contact Julie Wood at juliewood@eseedling.com